Episode 004 – Ladies and Gentlemen, Sasky Effin Stewart

Girls Just Wanna Have Puck

Tally and Lexi and Sasky talk about hockey and jeggings.

Topics from Episode 004, in no particular order:
– Anything and everything you’d ever want to know about the AIHL but didn’t know who to ask
– Hockey players are a cut above everyone else and we are so proud!
– Why hockey works in Dallas and not in [insert any small Canadian Market here]
– Tally still has stuff to say about the Thrashers, so prepare for that
– Brooks Laich, the man, the myth, the legend
– #HockeyBurns and #TruthBombs drop
– This just in, Lexi is a hypocrite… don’t worry about it
– Contraband VHS tapes
– Lexi wants Sidney Crosby to wear Jeggings

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Episode 003 – Pie Chart of Hockey Affection

Girls Just Wanna Have Puck

Tally and Lexi drink drinks and talk about 24/7 and boys.
Topics from Episode 003, in no particular order:
– #HotterThanPatrickSharp
– Pie Chart of Hockey Affections (of course Lexi’s pie chart doesn’t equal 100%, she’s bad at math)
– Dan Carcillo plays chess?
- Ginger Marshmallow Men
– Tally talks about her “love” for the Flyers
– Bagels and Beer
– Dion Phaneuf is 58 years old, this just in.

So if you’re drinking while listening, we have new drinking game for this episode. Drink every time Lexi says Phil Kessel when she really means to say Dion Phaneuf. Spoiler Alert: it happens a lot.

Link the Puck Daddy 24/7 recap

Link to the USA/Canada Womens Hockey Linebrawl. U-S-A. U-S-A. U-S-A

Link to Blood, Sweat and Cookies

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Episode 002 – “Hockey is not for women”

Girls Just Wanna Have Puck

Tally and Lexi do simple math together, then Tally gets arrested.

Topics from Episode 002, in no particular order:
– That girl at parties
– Phoenix Coyotes, Lexi loves you… Tally, not so much
– 24/7… because we want to talk about it
– “Rivalry Night” *eyeroll*
– Pots and Kettles and stuff
– The “Selfies” of the NHL
– #HockeyBurn

You may or may not hear typing and clicking. Apologies! Now we know to do our Googling before the show.

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Episode 001 – The “J” Word(s)

Girls Just Wanna Have Puck

Tally and Lexi talk about hockey.

Topics from Episode 001 of Girls Just Wanna Have Puck, in no particular order:
– J-words we don’t say
– Being a hockey fan in Southern California
– In defense of Puck Bunnies
– Penguins vs Flyers vs Blackhawks vs the World
– Tally rants about Andrew Ladd
– Lexi rants about Corey Perry
– Hockey Bars
– Other stuff… this is an unusually long episode, don’t worry about it.

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