Episode 013 – Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes


It’s the dawn of a new era for Girls Just Wanna Have Puck when Katie Brown officially takes over as Tally’s new co-host. We miss you, Lexi. You will always live on in the immortal “Patrick Sharp’s face vs Phil Kessel’s face debate.” #NeverForget

Topics from Episode 013 (in no particular order):
-Tally defends Andrew Ladd. Really.
-Why Penguins fans need to count their blessings
-Footless Sabres fans
-The unmatched stench of a locker room
-It’s been a month, so we cover some old news. Deal with it
-In case you missed it, Tim Thomas didn’t pump Luongo’s tires in 2011
-Life lists
-Just how confusing *is* the new NHL playoff format? To us, very
-Bad times to take vacations
-Losing a team is the ultimate trump card. Tally plays it often

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