Episode 018: #DoucheyOvertimeChallenge


In which Katie and Tally propose an alternative to the #BucciOvertimeChallenge. It’s going to be a thing.

-Katie and Tally disagree on something
-Tally makes a really bad analogy, but hopes you think it’s funny anyway
-Katie wants to marry playoff OT
-#PaintItOrange. The thing we were trying to think of was #PaintItOrange
-Tally likes the Habs now. She tried. She really tried. But she failed
-The podcast was recorded on the perfect date, but was not uploaded on the perfect date. #sorrynotsorry
-Katie makes @mupsalert a thing
-Hashtags galore!
-Phil Kessel learned how to spell “tries”

Listen to “The Loophole” (NSFW) here.
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Proof that “Chelsea Dagger” is a perf goal song here.

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Episode 017: Playoff Picks Through Love and Logic


Katie picks teams through logic. Tally picks teams based on wishful thinking. We’re probably both wrong.

Topics from episode 017 (in no particular order):
-The playoffs (because it’s the Cup)
-The Katniss (?) of a potential Pens/Flyers series
-Related note: Tally hasn’t read The Hunger Games yet, please don’t spoil her
-Not putting our picks in the info, because that makes it too easy for y’all to come back and tell us we were wrong. If you’re going to rub it in our faces, you have to work for it
-Tally follows Patrick Kane’s barber on Twitter, and she’s not ashamed
-The difference between Seattle and St Louis
-Hockey players are co-dependent, and it’s hilarious
-Lol Canadian hockey teams

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Episode 016: Greg Wyshynski Needs Something In His Mouth


Tally and Katie are joined by Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo Sports who shares Sochi horror stories (timely!), argues with Tally about How I Met Your Mother (FINALE SPOILERS!), and declares Girls Just Wanna Have Puck the Frasier to MvsW’s Cheers.

Topics from Episode 016 (in no particular order):
-HIMYM FINALE SPOILERS (Again, you have been warned)
-Chugging vodka in an airport
-Juice cleanses
-Why Phil Kessel is a package deal with Tyler Bozak
-Ted Mosby is a jerk
-Air Bud again (it’s a thing now)
-Remember when everyone laughed when Giroux said the Flyers were going to make the playoffs? Well, those people can suck it
-Dishonor for Connor and McLosing for McDavid?
-Playoff overtime and why it is the best
-Baseball, but not a lot, so don’t let that discourage you from listening
-Fox hunting

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Episode 015: Youths Are The Worst


In which Katie and Tally bemoan the youths of America and talk about wearing your fandom on your sleeve.

Topics from episode 015 (in no particular order):

-How people express their hockey fandom
-Fans of other sports are crazy
-Paper classes
-Katie was a horse girl
-Tally was a Latin nerd
-Hockey slang
-Katie’s ankle can tell when it’s raining
-River Monsters is horrifying
-Zac Rinaldo is a bullshark
-Jeff Skinner is an infant

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Episode 014: The Jay Beagle Drinking Game


Katie and Tally are joined by Chris Gordon from Russian Machine Never Breaks to talk about the various ways that hockey players (specifically the Caps) fail at life and hockey.

Topics from Episode 014 (in no particular order):

-Hockey players are dumb
-Everything you ever wanted to know about Air Bud but were afraid to ask
-Press box food and the important difference between Fruit by the Foot and Fruit Roll Ups
-Katie’s mom is a Jay Beagle fangirl
Flipper the flip phone
-Cars and the psyche of Prius drivers
-The importance of shirseys
-Western conference points vs Eastern conference points
-Canadians can’t spell
-Droids vs iPhones

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