Episode 015: Youths Are The Worst


In which Katie and Tally bemoan the youths of America and talk about wearing your fandom on your sleeve.

Topics from episode 015 (in no particular order):

-How people express their hockey fandom
-Fans of other sports are crazy
-Paper classes
-Katie was a horse girl
-Tally was a Latin nerd
-Hockey slang
-Katie’s ankle can tell when it’s raining
-River Monsters is horrifying
-Zac Rinaldo is a bullshark
-Jeff Skinner is an infant

If you want to help Tally with a secret project that may or may not involve shoving shaving cream in Katie’s face at the draft, hit her up on Twitter @live2tivo or email live2tivo@gmail.com

If you want to talk about horses and Animal Planet shows, reach out to Katie @katie_brown47 or email ktbrwn.85@gmail.com

Thanks for eavesdropping.


One thought on “Episode 015: Youths Are The Worst

  1. Ah, the desperation to find fellow hockey fans to talk to. It backfires about half the time, but I still talk to anyone in NHL gear. The year the Kings won the cup, I went to a party during the second round and met a guy in a Kings hat. I tried to talk hockey with him, but he thought it was for Sacramento. It also led me (a wings fan) to hang out with an Avs fan because he’s the only guy who knows hockey.

    Also, while not all guys go through college, the ones I know of get respectable degrees. My university’s players mostly got business degrees and our business school is well ranked. Also, a lot of guys who leave early finish their degrees over the summer. Brendan Smith is taking classes to finish his sociology degree this summer.

    And youths are totally the worst.

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