Episode 016: Greg Wyshynski Needs Something In His Mouth


Tally and Katie are joined by Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo Sports who shares Sochi horror stories (timely!), argues with Tally about How I Met Your Mother (FINALE SPOILERS!), and declares Girls Just Wanna Have Puck the Frasier to MvsW’s Cheers.

Topics from Episode 016 (in no particular order):
-HIMYM FINALE SPOILERS (Again, you have been warned)
-Chugging vodka in an airport
-Juice cleanses
-Why Phil Kessel is a package deal with Tyler Bozak
-Ted Mosby is a jerk
-Air Bud again (it’s a thing now)
-Remember when everyone laughed when Giroux said the Flyers were going to make the playoffs? Well, those people can suck it
-Dishonor for Connor and McLosing for McDavid?
-Playoff overtime and why it is the best
-Baseball, but not a lot, so don’t let that discourage you from listening
-Fox hunting

For a good time, continue following Greg Wyshynski @wyshynski (because, let’s be real, if you’re listening to this, you already follow Wysh).

If you want to commiserate about the Caps, contact Katie on Twitter @katie_brown47 or email ktbrwn.85@gmail.com

If you want to commiserate about HIMYM, contact Tally on Twitter @live2tivo or email live2tivo@gmail.com


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