Episode 018: #DoucheyOvertimeChallenge


In which Katie and Tally propose an alternative to the #BucciOvertimeChallenge. It’s going to be a thing.

-Katie and Tally disagree on something
-Tally makes a really bad analogy, but hopes you think it’s funny anyway
-Katie wants to marry playoff OT
-#PaintItOrange. The thing we were trying to think of was #PaintItOrange
-Tally likes the Habs now. She tried. She really tried. But she failed
-The podcast was recorded on the perfect date, but was not uploaded on the perfect date. #sorrynotsorry
-Katie makes @mupsalert a thing
-Hashtags galore!
-Phil Kessel learned how to spell “tries”

Listen to “The Loophole” (NSFW) here.
Follow @MupsAlert here
Proof that “Chelsea Dagger” is a perf goal song here.

If you’re the embodiment of playoff OT and want to marry Katie, you can reach her @katie_brown47 or email ktbrwn.85@gmail.com
If you want to talk about Garfunkel and Oates or the brilliance of Chelsea Dagger with Tally, you can reach her @live2tivo or email live2tivo@gmail.com


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