Episode 019: We Know Some Songs That Get On Everybody’s Nerves


In which Tally and Katie sing significantly less than you’d expect for how much they talk about song parodies and musicals. But there is a tiny bit of singing.

Topics from episode 19, in no particular order:
-Katie is happy with how MAF has been playing
-Tally is not happy with how MAF has been playing
-Katie and Tally’s hypothetical double wedding will occur in Chicago
-Things that bring all the boys to the yard
-Males need to chill about how many teams Tally likes
-We don’t alienate Wild fans
-Hockey vs musicals
-Tally’s parents are obsessed with Nashville
-Unfortunately, Jordie Benn’s birth name is Jordan
-Whose Apartment Smells Worse?: Kessel vs Seguin

Tally’s song.
Peter’s song.
Eliza’s song.
Disclaimer: Girls Just Wanna Have Puck takes no responsibility for these songs getting stuck in your head for eternity. Listen at your own risk.

Also, Erik Karlsson’s Tumblr.

Cheer about Fleury with Katie on Twitter @katie_brown47 or email ktbrwn.85@gmail.com
Jeer about Fleury with Tally on Twitter @live2tivo or email live2tivo@gmail.com


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