Episode 020: Brought to you by the letter C

GjwhP-horizontal-WHITE https://gjwhp.files.wordpress.com/2014/05/girls-just-wanna-have-puck-episode.mp3
Katie and Tally talk about hockey and TLC shows. That’s how we roll.

-Tally went to a hockey game. She talks about that
-The upper levels are where it’s at
-Tally’s wishful thinking bracket is doing well
-Katie’s logic bracket, not so much
-Breaking News: Sidney Crosby is the best player in the NHL
-PK Subban is the best
-Katie and Tally talk about 19 Kids and Counting
-Katie and Tally fail at connecting 19 Kids and Counting back to hockey
-Zamboni rides are not for everyone

Talk about 19 Kids and Counting with us.
Katie is on Twitter @katie_brown47 or email ktbrwn.85@gmail.com
Tally is on Twitter @live2tivo or email live2tivo@gmail.com


One thought on “Episode 020: Brought to you by the letter C

  1. For NHL games, I also prefer sitting in the upper levels. My dad frequently gets corporate seats at Joe Louis and it’s nice to hear the sounds from the ice and be close, but the people there are too calm for a hockey game. I’ve gone to Wings-Hawks games and had chats with Hawks fans about missing Hossa and it’s not okay. Whenever I get my own tickets, there always in the cheap seats and it’s a much better atmosphere. I also like being able to see the whole ice. However, college hockey is the absolute best experience ever. The arenas are smaller, so there are good views everywhere, and student sections are great! Also, it was free!

    I grew up in a pretty conservative church. People dated, but we also had days where the girls practiced side hugging. It was weird. My church also used to participate in an all night event that started with some sporting event. The first year, we went to a minor league hockey game, but then the youth group leader decided the violence wasn’t godly, so we switched to basketball. I was not happy.

    Jumbotron proposals are emotional blackmail. There’sno way to say no and not look terrible, so I think I would say no out of spite.

    Last year, I went out with a guy who claimed to like hockey. He started talking about the Caps, who he insisted played in Virginia, while standing next to the life size picture of Ovechkin at Verizon.

    Thanks for talking about the big issues like those popsicles and making as many Mean Girls references as possible!

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