Episode 023: Ranger Ray needs to chill


Katie and Tally discuss terrible hockey movies and even more terrible Canadian TV shows with special guest Sara Petyk.

Topics from episode 23 (in no particular order)
-Why everyone should come to Decatur
-Hockey news during the summer is exhausting
-Degrassi (which is not the terrible Canadian TV show mentioned above)
-Breakaway is a terrible movie and you should all watch it
-The Littlest Hobo is a terrible TV show and you shouldn’t watch it
-The Speedy Sighns’ intangibles
-Sara drops some rec league knowledge on us
-Pittsburgh slang
-Dogs jumping out of airplanes
-Robot children
-All of our childhood favorites are weird

Breakaway here
The Littlest Hobo here (Watch at your own risk)
Greg and Donny here
Small Wonder here
Catdog here

Talk to us here.
Katie: @katie_brown47 or ktbrwn.85@gmail.com
Tally: @live2tivo or live2tivo@gmail.com
Sara: @sarainpgh


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