Episode 009 – #HockeyHot

Girls Just Wanna Have Puck

Tally, Lexi get schooled on the Caps and girl stuff by Katie Brown.

Topics from Episode 009, in no particular order:
– Forget Team Russia, Sweden is going to win gold, Katie tells us why
– #HockeyHot is a thing, also we spend time discussing Handsome vs Hot… Corey Perry is neither, for the record
– The episode is two hours long, so you’re forewarned
– Lexi gets photobombed while at work, she needs a trauma blanket
– Katie gives her input on the Patrick Sharp vs Phil Kessel
– Beards + Hipster glasses = Hotness
– Tally and Lexi get into it over Gary Bettman and the Trashers, it was cleansing
– Tally talks about her outfit for a hockey outing
– Lexi is such a hipster
– Matt Hendricks is a good get Edmontonians!
– Lexi is over editing out all the errors, so it’s whatever
– Katie has a lot to say about the Caps, she’s kind of an expert
– Player rehabilitation is possible, Katie and Lexi go into the deets

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Episode 008 – Girls vs. Guy

Girls Just Wanna Have Puck

Jesse Cohen, from All the Kings Men Podcast, drops 90s hockey references and Tally and Lexi don’t get them.

Topics from Episode 008, in no particular order:

– I know you’re expecting Katie Brown, but the technical difficulties were way too monstrous to overcome. Whatever, Jesse is here… you’re gonna love it!
– Why the Kings won’t make the playoffs
– What’s with Girls liking a bunch of teams? Jesse has a theory…
– Lexi has never read any of the Harry Potter Books, get over it (nor has she seen the movies)
– Bear Mace is better than regular mace
– The Beach Blanket Bingo that is the LA Outdoor game
– Lots of plugs for theroyalhalf.com kingsmenpodcast.com and stuff
– This just in, Tally loves the Habs (sorry Sarah)
– Jesse gets fancy with his stats and stuff
– Lexi knows she didn’t remember Rolston got fined for the John Scott business, but feel free to tweet at her anyway

So if you’re drinking while listening, we have new drinking game for this episode. Drink every time there’s something wonky with the audio, you’ll pass out by the end of it.

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Episode 007 – Summer in Ohio

Girls Just Wanna Have Puck

Tally, Lexi and Eliza get their podcast on.

Topics from Episode 007, in no particular order:
– Revisiting teams Canada/Russia and USA
– Lexi is up late and it makes her cranky
– Sexy potatoes
– Why Chris Kunitz is not overrated
– Eliza elaborates on following hockey from across the pond and dating a boy that doesn’t like hockey
– There’s a long segment about musicals, either you’ll like it or you won’t
– The J*ts got a new coach, Tally still hates them
– Don’t try new Lebanese restaurants without your sister or Yelping it first…
– No tears for Claude Giroux

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Episode 006 – @GoldAndOrSmith Marry me?

Girls Just Wanna Have Puck

Tally wants to marry Josh and Lexi wants to talk about it.

Topics from Episode 006, in no particular order:
– Josh Gold-Smith is a… wait for it… a Buffalo, yes a BUFFALO SABRES FAN
– Monogamy vs. Polygamy… in sports (not in, you know, life)
– Josh talks about helping people cheat on Game Show Friday
– Lexi has never seen Singin’ In the Rain and shan’t! Get over it
– Tally needs to talk to someone about Score, a Hockey Musical… it won’t be Lexi, so hit her up on the Twitter
– Sports Know-it-alls… we’re on to you, so stop judging us!
– Tally gets waaaaay more marriage proposals than the rest of us, and she doesn’t appreciate them, so send them Josh’s way
– Lexi’s deal with Scott Hartnell… It’s not what you think, or it may be
– Want to know how to get a job in the business, that is the sports business, Josh tells you

We are Josh Gold-Smith fan girls, and after listening to this episode, it will be hard for you to resist proposing marriage yourself. So, you’ve been warned.

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Episode 005 – USA! USA! USA?

Girls Just Wanna Have Puck

Tally and Lexi about hockey, then Lexi defects to Russia.

Topics from Episode 005, in no particular order:
– #GingerBeardedMarshmallowMen
– Lexi thinks Bobby Ryan needs to shut up, Tally thinks otherwise because, you know, she’s a human being
– Tally totally called the Bozell/Kozak love and other 24/7 items
– Boyfriends who like hockey vs. boyfriends that don’t
– The ladies tease upcoming guests… so, um, spoiler alert
– Looking back at 2013

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